HANDMADE Wooly, Slouch Hat - Various Colors

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Our HANDMADE slouch cap runs LARGER for a slouchy and chic look! This wooly blend will soon form to your head, simply shape your slouch when you first put your hat on and head out on the town or to the barn! 

For a tighter fit, simply flip the brim for a snug cuff. 

If you need a chunky head warmer for your chilly barn trips, look no further! As you wear your new cap, it will adjust to the shape of your head and style you choose. 

  • Handmade with love. 
  • 80% Wool and 20% Acrylic so your gear is warm AND soft! Not scratchy! 
  • Machine washable, Tumble dry on low. 
  • Wear two ways,  slouchy style or flip the the edge and create a cuff! Signature logo is on both sides so the NKG horseshoe will always be bringing you good luck.
  • Pattern created by the lovely Brome Fields.