SMALLER HANDMADE Wooly, Chunky Hat - Tooty Fruity

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Our SMALLER HANDMADE Toot Fruity hat runs a little smaller though still slouchy and chunky - for a tighter fit, simply flip the brim for a snug cuff. 

These hats are my new favorite! If you need a chunky head warmer for your chilly barn trips, look no further! As you wear your new cap, it will adjust to the shape of your head and style you choose. 

  • Handmade with love. 
  • 80% Wool and 20% Acrylic so your gear is warm AND soft! Not scratchy! 
  • Machine washable, Tumble dry on low. 
  • Wear two ways, slouchy style or flip the the edge and create a cuff! Signature logo is on both sides so the NKG horseshoe will always be bringing you good luck.
  • Pattern created by the lovely Brome Fields.