NKG Sponsored Rider Team 2021


Hello, my name is Brooke Campbell and I am so honored to be a Brand Ambassador for Never Knock Goods! I have been riding for the past 9 years under the English and western discipline. I am based out of Maryland and I show out of the  Zone 3 area in the 2’0 footers. My biggest goal is to start doing Dressage more so that I can eventually begin to do eventing as a hobby and eventually do a few local shows. I hope to begin showing at 2’6 by the end of 2021. I am really focused on my riding right now, I ride about 5 days a week and I’m really looking forward to meeting my goals academically and athletically.



Hi Everyone! My name is Bryanna and I am a Grade 1 Paradressage Rider and lifelong horse lover from Tarpon Springs, Florida. It is my dream to be able to represent the US at the Paralympics one day, and my current goal is to make it on the Emerging Athletes List for Paradressage. I’m so excited to be on the NKG team and continue to do my part to showcase diversity in equestrian sport, as well as continuing to advocate for greater inclusion of the disabled community in the equestrian world as a whole. 



Hello, my name is Lara Ambo and I’m currently an undergrad art student. My passion for horses sparked when I was just a little girl but it wasn’t until two years ago when I started my riding journey. My current riding goal is to get better at my equitation and eventually start jumping. I don’t ride competitively but I want to enhance my skills further so I can eventually sign up for a schooling show. Thank you Never Knock Goods for giving me this awesome opportunity to represent not only my culture but also the NKG Team. 



Hi! My name is Abbey, I ride a paint mare named Cookie! We primarily compete in barrel racing and pole bending, but we also love to have fun trying other things like jumping, trail riding, obstacles, and more. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. I love being an advocate for equality, especially being in the LGBTQIA+ community myself! It is something very important to me. My main goal, as well as finding the good in the world and horse community, is to get more BIPOC/LGBT+ people more comfortable and involved in the rodeo world as it can be an intimidating place for us and I want it to be a safe and accepting sport for all and have more opportunities open up for us. Another goal is to get more involved in the rodeo circuit and compete more than before, as well as always progressing and improving our runs with better techniques and faster times. I would love to be hitting the 1D/2D this year at big races! I’m so excited to be sponsored by an inclusive, amazing company!!! 



I’m Caden, a 16 year old sophomore in high school. I’m from Saint Paul MN, and I board out in western Wisconsin. My mare Esther is a 14.2, 9 year old Shire Quarter Horse cross. I’m bringing her along in eventing, and though I’ve only ridden her for about 10 months, she’s made amazing progress from the fearful project pony she was last spring. We’ve only done a handful of events so far but we’re gearing up for a hopeful 2021 season full of good experiences! My plan with my trainer is to bring her through training level successfully, and based on her scope and natural movement, we’re hopeful! I’m a member of the CSDEA JDRP program with Becky Holder and I’m an Area IV young rider. In the future, I hope to have horses as a career, even if only partially, and I plan to work very hard to make that happen.



I'm a 21 year old from Iowa. I'm currently a sophomore at Stephens College in Missouri, majoring in Equestrian Studies! I've been riding for 15 years and owned my 20 year old APHA/PtHA gelding, Chaco, for almost 9 years. We purchased him in April 2012 as a green trail pony that didn't know his leads, didn't know how to neck rein, bucked when asked to lope, etc -- I trained him myself and we are now 2 time state champions and 3 time reserve world champions! He is my best friend and I love him more than life itself. He has made me into not only the equestrian I am today, but the person I am today as well. I've done just about everything with him, but in his older age we've been focusing primarily on the ranch horse events! At college, I ride hunter/jumper. Since 2016, I've been giving riding lessons to a few kids in the local 4H club I used to be in (and am now a "junior leader" of) every summer, and I hope to someday own my own lesson barn!



Hello everyone!  I am Megan Keller, and am super excited to be sponsored for the 2nd year in row by Never Knock Goods.  This is a business whose mission is something to believe in.  So I should probably tell you a little bit about me.  My husband and I own a hobby farm just south of Duluth in a cute little town called Esko, where we have 4 horses, a mini donkey, 4 dogs, 2 cats and big ol' pig that lives in the house (that's a story for another day).  Horses have been a part of my life since the 4th grade.  My mother was the best coach, she taught me patience and perseverance - those two things don't always dance well together.  I started in 4-H doing pleasure, moved up to WSCA running games, and now a barrel racer.  We run in NBHA and PEWC sanctioned races mostly.  However, this year - we are going on more adventures!  Herb Woodley, my 7 year old gelding and I are going on our 3rd year together.  Herb is exactly what you would imagine, he does nothing fast - he seems more the Eyore from Winney the Poo.  Until you point him in that arena, you better hold on!  This year, Herb and I are taking the NRF Tour and will be travelling all over MN, WI, SD & IA.  We have never travelled more than 5 hours from home.  Herb is in his last year to run Derby, and this will be such an adventure for both of us.  No matter what happens out there, I am blessed to have this big dude to carry me.  If there is one piece of advice I can give any horse enthusiast it is to appreciate all the moments.  You never know how fast they are taken from you.  2020 showed us how quickly things can change.  Rebel, my sweet retired WSCA horse passed very suddenly at 28 years old, months later my faithful barrel horse Chance endured a career ending injury where he almost lost his life.  This year, we are running with a new attitude - have faith, have fun and kiss your horse as often as you can and tell them thank you.